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Two weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the 3rd annual Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival. After just jumping off a plane from Turkey it was the perfect way to escape again, with vendors from some of my favourite destinations in Country New South Wales. I sampled some delicious food and wine which I am sharing with you today so that you can mark this one down for next year (or find out where they’re based if you just can’t wait)…




What better way to start the day with a glass of bubbles and freshly shucked oysters? The glass pictured below is a methode champenoise Swift Sparkling wine produced by Printhie Wines of Orange. I tried the cuvee and vintage (you know, just to compare notes) and found them beautifully light which was perfect for a daytime tipple. The sparkling wine was matched with Signature Oysters, freshly shucked by grower Ewan McCash. These oysters were by far the best I’ve ever tried and I brought my seafood-fanatic husband along just to verify. Yep, he definitely agrees. You can check out Ewan’s trick for freshly shucking the oysters below…
Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival Swift SparklingSignature Oysters Ewan McAsh

Signature South Coast Oysters

Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival Signature Oysters

The good news is that you can indulge in Signature Oysters here in Sydney at Pei Modern in the Four Seasons Hotel. If you’re in Melbourne you’ve got quite a few locations to choose from, which you can findhere. The perfect accompaniment, Swift Sparkling, is currently on sale until the end of the year! Simply grab the coupon code below.Swift Sparkling Wine Orange


Meandering through Wahroonga Park was so lovely. If you’re not familiar with it, the park is centered around a lush rose garden with crisp white pergolas and mature trees to picnic under. Our first tasting stop was the Gibbs Brothers Brewing Company to try a few hand-crafted beers. The brothers themselves were there and these guys are hysterical. Their lighthearted nature and obvious passion for beer made this a really enjoyable tasting. My favourite was their pale Kolsch, closely followed by the alcoholic Ginger Beer. What I loved about their different brews was how they are matched with food. A concept that you would normally associate with wine, the Gibbs Brothers have outlined which food types compliment each beer. On the day it was beef burgers with Pale Ale, delicious.

Speaking of food, one of my favourite finger foods at Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival was a sample plate from Blue Eye Dragon. With dumplings, green beans, fried chicken, rice and stir fry there was something for every craving. The fried chicken was my favourite and reminded me of a karaage style, it was beautifully crisp and not oily.

Our next stop was Two Furlongs Wines from Mudgee. Johnnie Furlong himself was there to take us through the tasting and he was kind enough to tailor it to our personal wine preferences. I opted for the pink, mustcato-style cuvee which I like to have chilled on balmy summer nights. I look forward to tasting some more wine from Two Furlongs the next time I visit Mudgee.

The big surprise of the day for me was a Viognier from Twisted River Wines, located between Orange and Parkes.  I think I’ve only tried this varietal once, maybe twice, and loved how the 2011 bottle had a beautiful floral bouquet. It instantly reminded me of days spent in my Granddad’s backyard as a child. He had a huge garden, with trees named after every child and grandchild, that sat on very damp soil. Naturally I bought a box which will serve as a great memento for my family this Christmas.

Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival review

Always with my rose-coloured glasses. 

Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

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Burnbrae Wines Mudgee

Burnbrae Wines from Mudgee.

Serendipity Ice Cream

My day at Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival came full circle when it was time to try dessert!Serendipity was serving up cups of decadent ice cream flavours. It was a tough decision but I tried the chocolate and macadamia after sneaking some of my husband’s.

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A big thank you to Margot for allowing me to document the day,